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Ovulation Pregnancy Test Strips to avoid pregnancy

All women have a dream of becoming a mom of a sweet baby. They speak to their partners and make out the best time to get pregnant. We think that a sexual intercourse at any time can help a woman to be pregnant. However, it may not always be simple and easy for every case. You must know the right time of your fertility. This enables you to increase your pregnancy chance. Many couples remain very busy with their work every day. They like to find convenient time for intercourse. There are also desperate couples, who try to get baby within the shortest time. The best option for them is to use ovulation test strip.
This strip is designed to identify the time for intercourse. It is the most time-saving tool to the modern parents. Women also make them prepared emotionally and physically. As these scientific strips give the best results, lots of couples purchase them. You can find the strips of various brands, and thus, you have to choose the reliable one.

In this article, we will be talking about everything you need to know about how to avoid pregnancy by knowing certain things about ovulation. To get pregnant or to avoid pregnancy one must know the whole story about fertility and reproduction. So, let us get started.

What is ovulation?

It is a process where the egg that has been matured in the ovary is being finally released. It passes through the fallopian tube and remains there to be fertilized. So, a woman can only get pregnant when she is ovulating.

Is it right to avoid the pregnancy?

There are lots of women, who taken contraceptives for preventing their pregnancy. However, there may be career, economic or social reasons behind it. They do not think it to be the right time to get pregnant. Health factors may also cause them to delay or avoid their pregnancy. In particular conditions, pregnancy can cause more risks to their health. A woman, who has the following conditions, must not get pregnant-

  • Breast cancer
  • Heart disorder
  • Epilepsy
  • ovarian cancer
  • Hypertension
  • AIDS
  • Recent bariatric surgery
  • Tuberculosis
  • Stroke
  • Liver tumor or other liver-related disease

Strips for ovulation test and pregnancy test- Are they different

Pregnancy test is intended to make out your pregnancy chance with the identification of the HCG hormone in your urine. Your placenta can generate produces HCG just after right after implanting fertilized uterine egg. Pregnancy tests can be of two major types. For midstream tests, you have to start urinating over your test. However, for test strips, it is essential to collect your urine into a container. This test strip has to be place in container, and the overall test is over within some minutes.

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test, 3 Count

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test is the bestselling pregnancy-testing product, as it is capable to detect the pregnancy up to 6 days earlier than your missed expected menstruation. It is super sensitive and responsive detector, which detects the higher surge of HCG hormone. Doctors recommend this USA imported pregnancy test, which you can buy from Amazon online shopping. It is the most reliable product that is able to give the 99 % accurate result quickly. You can now confirm your pregnancy at your home by yourself, with an ease.

  • It has easy to read result-showing window, which displays the results in lines.
  • One line signifies negative result and two lines signify the positive result.
  • The result will appear in just 3 minutes.
  • It is able to detect various forms of HCG, which are mainly found in urine of pregnant woman.

Usually, most of these pregnancy tests can give accurate result. While you have followed the right processes, you may increase this accuracy level. Ovulation Predictor Kits enable you to predict the fertile days. They can be used very easily, and it enhances the potential to be pregnant. You have to look for FDA approved kits, and you can check pregnancy in a day.
HPT works in a way that is different from that of OPK. For the pregnancy test, you will find two lines, after identifying HCG hormone. The presence of this simple line will help you to know that there is a positive result from HPT. However, in case of OPK, though the test line can be present, it does not indicate that everything is positive. This line has to be darker, denoting the increase of LH.

How is a woman supposed to know whether or not she is ovulating?

Every woman has a different cycle. It starts with the first day of your period. The last day of the menstrual period is the day when it will start again in the next month. A woman starts to ovulate almost two weeks before the period starts.
For example, if a woman has a cycle of twenty-eight days then she starts to ovulate in or around the fourteenth day. So, to get pregnant or avoid it you have to keep in mind the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth day.

How is ovulation and getting pregnant related?

No two women are same when it comes to their fertility or menstrual cycle. To know when you can get pregnant or avoid how to get pregnant one has to know about the menstrual cycle. So, to get pregnant or avoid it you have to keep in mind the five important days of every month. It starts before the day you ovulate and comes to an end on the day of ovulation. That is the window you have. Chances of pregnancy increases when the woman has intercourse two days prior to her start of ovulation. Once she is done ovulating the chances of getting pregnant reduces steadily.

You need to track down your menstrual cycle in order to know when you are ovulating.

What do you need to know Ovulation pregnancy strips?

These are strips that are easily available in the market. They help to detect whether a woman is ovulating or not. It detects the level of LH Hormone. These are also known as Ovulation Predictor Kits or OPKs. On buying a kit for ovulation test you get several strips of paper. It can even look like sticks to check pregnancy. One is asked to either urinate on the tip that is extending out from the ovulation-pregnancy test or a narrow strip of paper has to be dipped in a cup where you have stored your urine. The result of the test that you just took will tell you whether or not you are ovulating. If you are then the next two-three days are risky. This is the time you will need to have protected sex in order to not get pregnant.


Easy@Home 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strips Kit (50 LH + 20 HCG)

Easy@Home is the bestselling brand of ovulation pregnancy strips, which allow the woman to determine the status of her reproductive cycle. It is the ultimate product for the woman who is trying to confirm her conception. With its accurate ovulation test strips, she can find your fertile windows, in which there is the maximum chance to get pregnancy. With its pregnancy test strips, woman confirms pregnancy earlier. The features include:

  • It is the combo kit of 50 ovulation test strips and 20 pregnancy test strips
  • It accurately tracks the ovulation cycle by determining LH level and HCG level.
  • It gives the result in just 3 to 5 minutes.
  • It gives easy to read, clear and 99 % accurate results, every time.

It is easy to use at home kit, which allows any common woman to find her conception sooner.


Ovulation Test as a pregnancy test.

Many women use their Ovulation Predictor Kits to know whether or not they are pregnant. They use it as a pregnancy test. If you are dumbstruck as to how this can happen then let us explain it to you. It is very much possible to use an ovulation test to know whether or not you are pregnant, it might not be the best method. So, how do you use ovulation as a pregnancy test.

An ovulation test works by detecting the increase in LH or Lutenizing Hormone which happens before a woman is ovulating. On the other hand, a Pregnancy test works by detecting the level of HCG or Hunan Chorionic Gonadotropin that is present in your urine. You will be amazed to know that both of these hormones that is the LH and HCG are glycoproteins. What does that mean in layman’s words? It means nothing but the fact that both of the hormones are constituted with a kind of protein that has sugar connected to it. Not only do they have the same component but they also look extremely similar to each other. Both the hormones are so similar to each other that a basic ovulation predictor kit won’t be able to differentiate between HCG and LH that is present in the urine. So, when the woman who has a high level of either HCG or LH in her urine and is using an Ovulation Predictor Kit, will surely get a result that says positive.

If a woman uses an Ovulation Predictor Kit to check whether or not she is pregnant, after she happens to miss her period, then she will definitely get a result that is positive, which will prove that she is actually pregnant. Although you might be tempted to use your Ovulation Predictor Kit as a means to know whether or not you are pregnant, you must remember that a Pregnancy test is way more sensitive and accurate than an Ovulation Predictor Kit. One may run the risk of getting a result that is negative. Sometimes when a woman is actually pregnant she might get a negative result on her Ovulation Predictor Kit as it is not sensitive enough to detect the low traces of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in the urine. This might happen in the early days when someone has conceived.

How to avoid pregnancy using a Ovulation strip?

Right beside the pregnancy kits in a medical store one finds these Ovulation Predictor Kits. These kits are an important and crucial part of those woman’s life who are either trying to conceive or wish to stay away from it.  Ovulation Predictor Kits help women to time their intercourse accordingly. Ovulation strips can never be the part of a woman’s birth control ways. They can only assure a woman if she is ovulating or not.


Most of the pregnancy tests have similarities to ovulation testing process. You have to hold the kit downward to your stream of urine, and after that, wait for some time to see the results. Many of them are digital, and they have to just mention Yes or No to the readers. Other kits include the control and test lines that you have to compare.
Ovulation pregnancy strips have to be put into the urine specimen, and the users have to make their own effort for interpreting the results. These are available at a lower price. However, the users have to know the way of analyzing the result.
They have to look at its test line in order to know whether this line is darker in color than another line. The best fact is that you will surely get the accurate result from it.
While you are buying ovulation strips to avoid pregnancy, you have to focus on these factors-

  • Regularity of menstrual cycles- In many ovulation tests, you can find 7 packs, while others 20 packs. For those, whose menstrual cycles are much normal, can do the test one time on every week.This test is effective for detecting the ovulation process. However, those, who are having very irregular cycles, can test several times a week for checking the ovulation.
  • Always know the instructions- There are many users, who say that they have gotinaccurate output from the kit.The potential reason is that they have not read the instructions and started using the strips. For instance, the manufacturer may direct the user to test their ovulation or pregnancy at a particular time. The result interpretation time and the way of interpretation are also mentioned on the guidelines. Make sure that you have done everything in that way.
  • Find out whether all the test strips are packaged separately– While these are packedtogether, you have to use them in to one cycle. Separate package indicates that you may save them to apply them on other months.
  • Check out the date of expiration- The old products cannot presentyou with highly accurate output.
  • Will the test be done at your home? Thereare many manufacturers, who ask their users to do their tests anytime, while others instruct to perform it a specific time. In case of the second option, you may have to go your bathroom just to do the test. However, with both the options, you will get the fastest result.
  • Is there any physical disorder that affects your fertility? You may have ovulation issue or you have the potential of ovulating irregularly. For instance, polycystic ovarian disease and thyroid issues can be the reasons behind it. Stress, underweight and overweight may also cause an effect on ovulation process. You don’t have to get frustrated for all these reasons. Speak to the specialists, and they will solve the ovulation problems.
  • All tests may not be precise-Lots of women find an increase of LH, and they do not have ovulation. Still, there is a potential of getting positive outputs.

Which time is best for taking ovulation test?

This is really a confusing question to all of us. Many professionals say that the first urine in the morning is the right sample to be tested. In other cases, urine in the afternoon has to be test to check pregnancy. Everything varies due to your choice of kits.
Usually, the increase of LH can be found in morning. However, the hormone takes lots of hours to flow through the urine. Thus, lots of brands that manufacture ovulation strips ask the users to make the analysis in afternoon.

Ovulation test kits- The ways in which they work

These kits are of two main types.

  • Test based on urine- Ittest the urine to check an increase in the level of LH. It will take place o1 or 2 days prior to the activation of ovulation.
    A very limited LH content is present in our urine all the time. However, just at the time ahead of ovulation, its amount gets increased by 2 to 5 times, and it turns on ovulation. After this ovulation process is over, a woman can conceive her baby.
  • Test based on saliva- This enables you in testing the saliva by using a small kit. With an increase of estrogen, the amount of salt in saliva also gets increased. After this salt becomes dried, it is crystallized.

With 2 or 3 days, salivary test result becomes visible. While you are not pregnant, the saliva can become dry and looks like formless blobs.

Invalid test- What to see?

While you cannot find control line, your test turns out to be invalid. Improper amount of sample or inaccurate performance of test can be the cause behind the invalid output. You may also find it, while you have not held the strip section in your urine for minimum five seconds. In case of this invalid test, you have to put the strip into your urine for more than the specified time. Then, try to interpret the result. Still, when you do not see any control line, you can find the test to be invalid. Review and make out the instructions from manufacturer.
Accuracy level of Test Strip– The best quality strip can give you ninety nine percent accurate results.

Effect of consuming medications and alcohol– Usually, this does not affect your test result. However, you have to speak to the physician while it is a hormonal drug. In addition to it, the recent usage of oral contraceptive and breastfeeding condition can cause an effect on the test.
Amounts of water intake- A high amount of fluids intake prior to the test will cause dilution of your hormone.
For how much time, the line is visible?Your test result remains accurate for 5 to 10 minutes. The positive one will not fade away. The line color may turn out to be darker in shade, while the colored background can stay visible after many hours. The negative one can present a very faint line for evaporation process. Thus, you must not interpret the output after thirty to forty minutes. Reject your test after reading result.

Tips for getting the right result from ovulation test

  • Read every instruction that has been mentioned in the kit’s package.
  • Never drink glasses of water prior to doing the test.
  • Avoid urinating, while there are three or four hours left to do the test.
  • Do not alter the time of your everyday test.

The best fact is that while you have used the OPK right, you will have 97% chance of detecting ovulation. By using these simple kits, you will be able to find out the increase of LH and ovulation. However, while you have taken any fertility drugs, your OPK may not present you with the right results. Moreover, women, who are more than forty, will also have a chance of not getting the accurate result. Thus, you have to know all these things as a buyer of ovulation strip.
Ovulation can start after one to three days, and it is the highly fertile time to every woman. You can get engaged in sexual activity at this time. In many cases, women, who have positive result in the test and have done physical intercourse at the right time, cannot get pregnant. There are several factors, affecting the ability of a woman to be pregnant. Lots of healthy and normal couples achieve their pregnancy after several months. They have to use the strip 3 months prior to getting pregnant. Still, when there is no sign of pregnancy, they should speak to physician.

Are the strips best choices to you?

Lots of women become pregnant with minimum assistance from the spouse. However, ovulation prediction strips are highly helpful while

  • Your periods are very irregular, and you feel tough to find the fertile time
  • You and your spouse are very busy, and cannot do everyday sex
  • You have given birth to babies previously
  • You cannot get pregnant, although you are trying much
  • You are striving to make the process faster


In all these situations, you can rely on the simple ovulation test kits, and get the fastest result. Many women try to check the body temperature and mucus condition to know the result. However, these test kits give easier solution than that.

We hope this article was helpful to you whether you wish to be pregnant or stay away from that news. Everything comes down to one thing and that is to know when is it that you are ovulating. Know your cycle and all problems shall be solved. You will surely have the right results while you have gone through the proper steps to do the ovulation test. Lots of women in this world have trouble in becoming pregnant for their health issues. That is why you may better talk to a health professional after trying it out for over 6 months. Especially, when you are more than 35 or 40, or much younger, there may be problem.

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