Best Home Pregnancy Test Strips for Early Detection


In this era of modern technology, everyone needs a quick result of any health test. Therefore, the digital glucose meter, blood pressure meter, etc. have been made for keeping the health in check at home. Now the pregnancy test strips made with the idea of early detection of pregnancy at home. If a couple is conscious about conception at the right time, then they should use ovulation strips and pregnancy strips for quick detection. There is a wide range of pregnancy test strips available from online shopping in USA. You can find them in various names, such as digital pregnancy test strips, hCG test strips, pregnancy urine test strips, etc. The overwhelming range may confuse you so we provide the spruce list of the best home pregnancy test. The commonly asked questions regarding home pregnancy tests are also answered here for the guidance of new couples.

How does hCG pregnancy test strips work?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hCG is the pregnancy hormone that starts rising after conception. It continuously rises during the 8th or 10th week of pregnancy but after 10th week it starts declining till delivery. Therefore, the early detection pregnancy test kits use hCG as a parameter to detect pregnancy at home. hCG is easily detectable in urine because you just need to dip the pregnancy test strip in the collected sample of urine. Most of the home pregnancy tests claim the 99% accurate result. Some strips show the result in terms of lines, in terms of color, and some shows in terms of signs. You need to be conscious during testing the hCG in urine. It is recommended to test pregnancy one to two weeks after missing your period. For an accurate result, always prefer to do hCG urine test with morning urine because it contains concentrated hCG for quick detection. Prenatal care is important so always consult your doctor after getting a positive result.

Easy@Home 50 Ovulation Test Strips

Accuracy of pregnancy test strips

There are many home pregnancy tests, available from online shopping in USA that claim to be 99% accurate. However, the accuracy varies on various factors such as medication, birth control pills, antibiotics, disease, etc. Sometimes, the wrong negative result detected due to wrong timing, diluted urine, etc. Therefore, women need to be conscious while checking the hCG in urine through home pregnancy test strips. To omit the chance of mistake, test the urine couple of time with the best pregnancy test strips. After getting a positive result, always consult the doctor for the confirmation of pregnancy.

Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test

Different types of pregnancy test strips

Most of the pregnancy test strips show the result as a sign or line. The top brands have made the best pregnancy test kits for finding the conception at an early stage. You can find clinical hCG pregnancy test strips and digital hCG test strips. The top brands have made them for early detection of conception at home. The bestselling brands are First Response, Clear Blue, Clinicalguard, pregmate, etc. The woman needs to dip the dipstick in the collected urine sample or directly pee on the dipstick. The result will take 30 seconds to 3 minutes to appear on the test strip. The strips show the test result as plus or minus sign, smiley sign, one or two lines, pregnant or not pregnant sign, etc. If you are using the testing strip for the first time then read and follow the test instruction thoroughly.

AccuMed Pregnancy Test Strips

Here we enlist the best pregnancy test strip available in USA. They are safe and easy to use for women, who are trying to conceive safely.

If you are confused to pick reliable pregnancy strips for home testing, then I am here to help you. I am a healthcare professional, having a great experience in this genre. There is a wide range of pregnancy strips that claim to be accurate and reliable. However, not every pregnancy test strip is consistent in testing at home. Therefore, you need to consult a healthcare professional or pregnancy strip expert to get the best pregnancy strips for early detection at home. Every woman wants to find the conception as soon as possible. Thus, the pregnancy home test does the best job in this regard. If you are planning your baby, then find the best pregnancy strip for getting the confidence of conception. Consult me to get the suggestion of a pregnancy test at home.
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