How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests?


If you are suspect that either you are pregnant or not, then you can trust early pregnancy test strips. Almost all pregnancy test kits claim to be 99% accurate, but they can give a wrong positive or negative result. The accuracy is depending on various factors. Here we are discussing those factors that affect the accuracy of the best home pregnancy test kits, which are available from online shopping in USA. They are responsible for false-positive and false-negative results.

  1. Too early testing
  2. Wrong urine sample
  3. Medications
  4. Previous abortion or miscarriage
  5. Medical conditions

· Too early testing:

If you do a pregnancy test earlier than the recommended time, then you may find wrong negative result. The hCG urine test is used to detect pregnancy. If the hCG level is lower than 20 mlU/hCG, then it is hard for the pregnancy tester to detect the pregnancy hormone. It is recommended to do a pregnancy test 2 weeks after you missed your period. The hCG level reaches high during this phase so it can easily detect by pregnancy test strips.

· Wrong urine sample:

The first urine of the morning has a concentrated level of hCG, if conception occurs. Therefore, one should test hCG in urine in the morning for accurate results. According to the instructions of the home pregnancy test, one should avoid drinking before testing hCG in urine.

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· Medications:

If you are under certain medications, then they may affect the accuracy of home pregnancy tests. Some medicine can drive hormonal changes, so they may also induce or reduce hCG hormone. The best pregnancy test strips can show a positive result, even if you are not pregnant. These medicines include anti-anxiety drugs, antibiotics, birth control, anti-allergy, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, etc. Therefore, one should confirm the test result by consulting their doctor.

· Previous abortion or miscarriage:

After abortion or miscarriage, the pregnancy hormone starts falling slowly. If you test pregnancy during that phase, then it may appear positive. hCG level drops overtime after the abortion. It takes almost 9 to 35 days. If you get a positive result on the best pregnancy test strip, then it may not be an accurate result. You should consult your doctor to omit the uncertainty. Home pregnancy testing is reliable and accurate under some circumstances.

· Medical conditions

The best home pregnancy test detects pregnancy hormone, hCG, in urine for early detection. However, hCG level may also arise under certain diseases. These diseases are ovary cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, ovarian cyst, urinary tract infection, pituitary gland disorder, phantom hCG, breast cancer, etc. They interfere with the hCG hormone and let it induce or reduce. It affects the results of home pregnancy test strips because they can detect pregnancy by detecting the hCG level in urine.

However, you can still rely on home pregnancy urine test strips for early detection. If you follow the instruction correctly, then pregnancy test strips can give 99% accurate results. There is only a rare chance of getting wring positive or negative result on test strips. Only 10% women find the wrong result through home pregnancy test kits, available from online shopping in USA.

If you are confused to pick reliable pregnancy strips for home testing, then I am here to help you. I am a healthcare professional, having a great experience in this genre. There is a wide range of pregnancy strips that claim to be accurate and reliable. However, not every pregnancy test strip is consistent in testing at home. Therefore, you need to consult a healthcare professional or pregnancy strip expert to get the best pregnancy strips for early detection at home. Every woman wants to find the conception as soon as possible. Thus, the pregnancy home test does the best job in this regard. If you are planning your baby, then find the best pregnancy strip for getting the confidence of conception. Consult me to get the suggestion of a pregnancy test at home.
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