How to find the best ovulation days?


Many people have the misconception about pregnancy. They think that every intercourse has the same possibility of conception. However, women can only conceive during their ovulation days. If you are planning a baby, then you should track your ovulation cycle to find your fertile days. Before discussing the best ovulation day, first, you need to know about the ovulation cycle.

Women’s menstrual cycle and ovulation cycle work side by side. Ovulation occurs when an ovary releases a mature egg for fertilization. An egg has a life of 24 hours after being released from an ovary. Scientifically, women can conceive if intercourse occurs 5 days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation. These fertile days are known as the fertile window of the menstrual cycle. Therefore, women cannot conceive at any time of the month, except in that fertile window.

Hypothetically, ovulation starts at exactly 14 days before your menses start. This hypothetical scenario is made by considering 28 days menstrual cycle. According to this consideration, the fertile days or ovulation days will be 12, 13, and 14. Every women’s menstrual cycle may have different scenarios so a woman needs to calculate ovulation days by different methods.

How to find the best ovulation days?

How to find the best ovulation days?

With the introduction of technology and modern science, it becomes easy to find the fertile days of the month. You can find the fertile window to prevent or get conception. Here we are suggesting the best ways to predict the best ovulation days.

  • Ovulation calculator: It estimates the best fertile day through the starting day of the period and length of your menstrual cycle. It gives the estimated result so it may have less accuracy than any other method. There are many ovulation prediction apps available to calculate the fertile days every month for you. You just need to put the starting date of your period. It will notify you when a safe sex date and fertile days have arrived during your cycle.

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  • Ovulation prediction kit: There are various ovulation prediction kits available from online shopping in USA. They work by detecting the LH level in urine. You can find ovulation test strips, digital ovulation test, and ovulation prediction test kits. They are easy and simple to use. Many women rely on the ovulation prediction test for finding exact ovulation days to get pregnancy. It is reliable and accurate for women, who want to conceive at the right time.
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  • Ovulation strips: Ovulation prediction strips can detect the ovulation days at the accuracy of 95%. They are economical, safe, and easy to use. Doctors also prescribe this method to find the best fertile days of the month.
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Whether you are planning a baby or preventing pregnancy, you should find the best ovulation days of the month. You can choose the method of finding ovulation days as per your convenience. All of them work but the accuracy may differ under different circumstances. Any of these methods do not find the exact ovulation date. These methods can only predict the estimated fertile window for enhancing the possibility of conception.

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